IT Services

Media Services

ATEK and Cross provides Information Technology consulting services to clients in various industries. Our clients have included organisations in public sector, oil and gas, manufacturing, banking and telecommunications.



Enterprise resource planning: We have been involved in the implementation of ERP systems for the past 21 years. We have implemented ERP systems in at least 35 countries and have experience of best practice solutions to our clients who have entrusted their ERP systems to us.


We have experience of working in several industries including Oil and Gas, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and the public sector.



Training and Development

We provide inhouse training courses in ICT and management to our clients. Our training is tailor made to client requirements following a Training Needs Assessment conducted on your behalf.


Recruitment and Retention Services


We have been in the recruitment business for the past eight years and in the time, have worked on behalf of several clients to provide appropriate retention strategies.



Disaster Recovery


We have helped several organisations to ensure they have a viable plan that ensures the business can continue. Statistically, over 50% of organisations that fail to plan for business continuity fail within one year of a disaster.



Human Resource Management


Payroll: We run your payroll based on the criteria you give us, ensuring that all staff receive their due emoluments. We also manage all travel and expenses based on company policy. You get an efficient service which is far cheaper than the cost of running the service in house and the additional.

Recruitment and retention Services: We have been in the recruitment business for the past eight years and in the time, have worked on behalf of several clients not just head hunt the best talent wherever they may be located in the world but also to provide you with appropriate retention strategies. Our recruitment does not start and end with sending you a resume, we manage the entire process ensuring that your company is represented very professionally up to helping with any relocation challenges your new employee may face.

Many organisations are aware that their people are their most important assets but precious few do anything about that. We help as you attempt to drive that point home to your people that they are valued and not just a number amongst many. From our research in various parts of the world, it is far cheaper and less risky to retain good talent than to recruit and train a replacement.