Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Unforeseen events may range from a hacking attack, terrorism, adverse weather condition or even disruptions caused by a disgruntled employee.

Whatever the cause of the disaster an organisation must be prior prepared in order to survive.

The strategy and plan of how to survive in the face of such a disruption is known as the Business Continuity Plan.

ATEK & Cross has helped several organisations to ensure they have a viable plan that ensures the business can continue. Statistically, over 50% of organisations that fail to plan for business continuity fail within one year of a disaster.

Our services in this areas include human resource planning to ensure your staff are well trained in the event of a disaster, security of data held on various equipment from servers to PC’s, tablets and smartphones which contain company data. We employ various technologies to ensure such data are replicated and kept up to date ensuring seamless transition and quick recovery.


Outsourcing of non core business operations by businesses globally, has become an established business model and has been the global trend for over 15 years. Leading industry experts expect the global market for outsourcing market to grow by up to 10% year on year to 2013. Companies are struggling to lower costs so outsourcing becomes an attractive proposition. The question we are often asked by Company executives and senior managers are why should I outsource my business processes with the associated loss of control. Here we attempt to answer the ‘why’:

Concentrate on core business. The organisation can concentrate on its core business. There are sufficient challenges running a leading business in any sector in today’s competitive environment. You do not need IT or business processes causing additional issues and a drain to the organisations resources.

Cost reduction. Specialist outsourcing providers should be able to provide the services at a lower cost than it would cost to build up and maintain. Your CAPEX costs would also be reduced as the outsourcer usually provides the infrastructure.

Opportunity for business transformation. Outsourcing of functions within the business provides an opportunity to transform and reengineer problem and underperforming areas.

Scalability of your support functions is important in today’s business environment. You can scale up very quickly in times of great customer demand without spending countless hours of your busy executives on CV’s, interviews and organisational structures. In a downturn it is also easy downsize the outsourced functions without the headache of redundancies, unions and the unquantifiable cost of the upheaval and psychological effects on your remaining employees in addition to the negative press mass redundancies generate.

Flexibility. You are not forced to keep personnel that you only need occasionally for instance your tax computations or certain IT support. In times of uncertainty, the importance of flexibility cannot be overemphasised.

Process Improvement. Outsourcing provides you with an opportunity to rethink your business processes. From our experience of working with several top performing companies worldwide, we can help you transform your business with the aim of building a leaner and more efficient organisation.

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Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity planning and Disaster recovery are policies and processes that help organisations prepare for disruptive and unforeseen events.

In the increasingly complex business environment of today, global interconnectivity and high dependence on IT, the risks are nearly impossible to accurately quantify.